“International Sailing League Association” will be founded in Hamburg next week

The new format of League Sailing is one of the biggest innovations in the sport of sailing that we have had in a while. Out of a simple idea a great movement has grown. The fast spreading of this format with the demand for a standardized framework needs a reliable representation of interests. That is why the foundation of an “International Sailing League Association” as an official representation of interests of all national leagues is needed. The inaugural meeting will take place next week, Friday June 17, in Hamburg. The ambassadors of all national sailing leagues have been invited to take part in the founding assembly. Everybody who can not attend the meeting, is very warm welcomed to participate via phone conference. Don’t forget to follow us live via Facebook on Friday. Afterwards there will be a big review with pictures and feedback of the participants.

The timeline for the meeting will be as follows:

11:00am:         Welcome and rounds of introduction

12:00pm:         Formal act of foundation

Lunch break

02:00pm:         Workshop

07:00pm:         Formal dinner