“Sailing League Association” in course of formation

Apart from the dates and the qualification system the Steering Committee did also decide on the prompt foundation of an “International Sailing League Association” as an official representation of interests of all national leagues.

The six members of the Steering Committee all agree, that the planned foundation of the “International Sailing League Association” shall take place this year. “The fast spreading of the sailing league format with the demand for a standardized framework as well as a central interface need a reliable representation of interests,” says Oliver Schwall, Managing Director of the SAILING Champions League.

Through the membership in the “International Sailing League Association” all national league organisations commit to the compliance of the framework and thus secure their eligibility for the qualification for the SAILING Champions League.

Konzeptwerft Holding GmbH from Hamburg, that invented the innovative sailing league format and established it successfully, continues to hold all rights to the SAILING Champions League.