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Women on Water



Competitive women’s sailing is growing worldwide and the proportion of women within the SCL is also increasing. The ISLA, SCL and national leagues have set themselves the goal of promoting women in sailing.

The Danish are leading the way – we support and join them. “Women On Water” (WoW) is a cross-national, trend-setting initiative that works to inspire and generate more women’s teams or women for sailing.

WoW networks and creates new communities within sailing across national borders.

The concept is impressive with potential:

In league format for women of all ages, all sailing experience, teams of 4 to 5 sailors. The togetherness of the women’s sailing teams is convincing with a good community exchange.

These countries are already in:





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DateCountryEventPlace, Area or Hosting Club
25th - 26th March 2023Germany WoW Training/ Helga CupBerliner Yacht-Club e. V., Berlin
22nd - 23rd April 2023GermanyNational qualification for the Women's SCL 2024 (spring races)Berliner Yacht-Club e. V., Berlin
28th - 30th April 2023GermanyWomen SCL QualifierBerliner Yacht-Club e. V., Berlin
03rd - 04th June 2023GermanyWoW Training/ Helga CupHamburg, Außenalster
02nd - 04th June 2023Norway Grundig Women's RegattaRoyal Norwegian Yachts Club, Oslo
09th - 11st June 2023Finnland WoW Åland Åländska Segelsällskapet, Mariehamn
08th - 11st June 2023GermanyHelga-CupNorddeutscher Regatta-Verein e. V., Hamburg, Außenalster
16th - 18th June 2023SwedenNational qualification for the Women's SCLRoyal Swedish Yacht Club, Stockholm
24th - 25th June 2023PolandWoW PolandSopot
12nd - 13rd August 2023GermanyNational qualification for the Women's SCL 2024Kiel Fjord
14th - 17th September 2023DenmarkWomen SCL FinalSundby, Denmark
30th September to 01st October 2023GermanyWoW Training/ Helga CupLake Constance
14th - 15th October 2023SwedenNational qualification for the Women's SCL 2024Marstrand