Dates 2021

Qualifier 105 March18.00 CET
Qualifier 219 March18.00 CET
Qualifier 302 April18.00 CEST
Final11 April18.00 CEST

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Questions & Answers

  • What is eSAILING Champions League?

    The eSAILING Champions League is aimed at all sailing clubs (and their sailors) worldwide. The clubs have the opportunity to compete virtually on the water in one of the three qualifications and in a final. After the final, the title “Winner of the eSAILING Champions League” will be awarded.

  • Why is the eSAILING Champions League being held?

    The SAILING Champions League has created a strong international community: a community that competes against each other – in the fight for their own Burgee – but also stands together. It is precisely this special spirit of the sailing club community that is to be inspired with the eSAILING Champions League outside of the real regattas.

  • Who can be a participant?

    Every club in the world.

  • Can I also sail if I am not playing for a club?

    Every participant has to compete for a club. This is also possible without a club membership, provided that the respective club confirms the starting eligibility of the competing player in writing.

  • Are there also professional e-sailors?

    Professional eSailors can also compete for a club.

  • What is the maximum number of players per club that can sail?

    Per club the maxmimum number of player is three.

  • How can I follow the races?

    The final will be streamed live by SailTracks on the Facebook and YouTube channels of the SAILING Champions League and on Furthermore, the races can also be followed directly in the “VR Inshore”.

  • Who will qualify for the final?

    The best four clubs in each group of a qualifier automatically qualify for the final of the eSAILING Champions League.

  • How is the eSAILING Champions League mode?

    Up to 76 clubs per qualifier are sailing. The participants are divided into four groups of 19 clubs each. Each group sails five races among themselves.

  • Is the format comparable to the real SAILING Champions League?

    The format of the eSAILING Champions League is based as much as possible on the format of the SAILING Champions League. There is sailing in short races with up and down courses and club against club compete against each other. In the eSailing format, the fields with up to 19 participants can be larger than in the SAILING Champions League – so it will be a lot of fun!