Sailing Nations Are in Agreement: Ten Countries Establish the International Sailing League Association

What seems to be a problem in international politics, is very easy in the sailing sport. The SAILING Champions League and official representatives of the national sailing leagues met in Hamburg on the 17th of June to establish the International Sailing League Association. All participants agreed on the standardisation of the rulebook for international league sailing.

Ten representatives establish the “International Sailing League Association” in Hamburg today and elected the board represented by Peter Wolsing (Denmark), Edward Russo (France) and Roberto Emanuele de Felice (Italy).

“This development is the logical consequence of the growing international league family,” said Oliver Schwall, founder and initiator of the international league sport and the German Sailing League (Deutsche Segel-Bundesliga). “We are creating stable structures, a clear rulebook and represent all interests to lead international league sailing into a successful future”.

Oliver Schwall_SCL_6832 Kopie

League sailing has become incredibly popular in the past three years. More than 16 nations have committed to the league format already; more than 300 clubs are involved and more than 2000 sailors are fighting for the title of the best national yacht club in over 80 league events each year. The best clubs per country qualify for the SAILING Champions League that will take place in two acts; one in St. Petersburg, the other in Porto Cervo in 2016.

“The new format of league sailing has been one of the biggest innovations in sailing for a long time and that is why the “International Sailing League Association” was needed“, said Peter Wolsing, head of the Danish Sailing League.

Rob Franken from the Dutch Sailing League said: “League sailing has the potential to change the sailing world: Easy to understand, one common playground offering huge media potential. The foundation of the “International Sailing League Association” gives this great format the necessary momentum to grow and inspire more clubs, countries and sailors in the world.“

 Roberto Emanuele de Felice, president of the Italian Sailing League: “We are proud and honoured that the idea of league sailing resulted in so much enthusiasm. In 2016, there will be more than 16 nations with fully established national sailing leagues. We are very happy about the foundation of the “International Sailing League Association”. It is time to move forward and let the format grow.”

After careful consideration, the League Association will be a registered association in Hamburg according to German law. With the membership in the “International Sailing League Association” all national league organisations commit to the framework and thus ensure their eligibility for the qualification for the SAILING Champions League. Konzeptwerft Holding GmbH from Hamburg, the originator of the innovative sailing league format continues to hold all rights to the SAILING Champions League.